Lawn Disease Treatments in Warrington

North West Lawn Care offer a professional lawn disease control and treatment service and cover regions with 5 miles of Warrington.

We can treat and protect your lawn from common problems like red thread and dry patch. If you don’t have the experience in this field, then it can be problematic and difficult to control so getting a lawn expert in could save you time and money.

North West Lawn Care are here to help! Get in touch today and our lawn disease control experts will be happy to help and advise you. We can identify, control and eradicate most diseases that are likely to affect your grass.

Contact us now to arrange a free lawn disease control survey and lets get your lawn in tip top condition all year round.

  • Red Thread Lawn Disease

  • Fungus and Lawn Mold

  • Dry Patches in Lawn

  • Brown and Yellow Patches

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Lawn Disease Treatments FAQs

As much as we would like things to self correct, unfortunately Lawn fungus won’t go away on its own. The grass treatments do vary depending on what you identify what fungus or disease is growing on your lawn. North West Lawn Care will pick a fungicide to inhibit and cease its growth resulting a healthier lawn.

Typically, lawn fungi (grass fungus) occurs when moisture has been in the grass blades for too long. To help combat lingering water, North West Lawn Care advise you try watering your lawn twice a week. This will encourage growth and help remove fungi by getting the water down to the roots, and allowing the grass blades to dry out naturally.

North West Lawn Care apply fungicide during Summer months and apply this to the brown patches as they appear. Brown patch are caused by the a species fungus called Rhizoctonia, which is the most common disease that can develop in your lawn. It appears as a brown or yellow circular patch of grass that can vary in size from a few inches to several feet in diameter.

Depending on the type of lawn disease, you can apply fungicide yourself however, a professional lawn care specialists can treat a fungal disease if the infestation is severe. Fungicides are more effective as fungus control when used as a preventative treatment so ensuring a good lawn care plan is in place then this is the best way to manage development of fungus in your grass lawn.. The best curative treatment for fungus is implementing good lawn care practices.

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