Lawn Scarification Services in Warrington

Scarification is an essential part of any lawn maintenance and is basically the removal of surface thatch or dead moss from a lawn.

If your lawn is suffering with moss in Autumn and Winter or feels spongy when walking on it then it’s likely that it needs to be scarified. Lawn Scarification should be carried out at least once a year to remove the moss but at the same time it improves lawn health, growth and overall appearance.

With our expert lawn scarification service, your lawn will soon be revitalised and looking fantastic and as part of the service we scarify it, seed it and top dress it. The only thing left is the watering to ensure natural growth and a healthy greener lawn.

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Lawn Scarification FAQs

You should scarify your lawn about once a year, although some lawn owners leave it much longer. However, as with all things in lawn care, little and often works best.
Although Scarification can be carried out in Spring time, recovery of the grass might take longer if weather conditions turn hot and dry.

Autumn is usually considered to be the best time to scarify because the lawn will have the remainder of the growing season and the whole winter to recover from the process.

Fоr the best results it is best to mow the lawn before scarifying. This will make the process a little easier and help to ensure that the grass can recover quicker after the scarification process.
Whether you choose to use a raking machine or spring-tine rake, Lawn raking is the process of removing moss from the lawn. A rake will remove thatch and moss from your lawn’s surface and is an easy way to clean up your lawn. However, when you scarify, you actually penetrate and pull up thatch and moss that is more deeply rooted into your lawn.
If you mow your lawn right after scarification you remove any tufts of grass left over but it also allows you to assess the quality and consistency of your lawn surface. So yes, North West Lawn Care suggest you can cut your lawn straight away after scarification.
Lawn Raking Scarification
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